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Bob Charley AO - Luncheon 17 February 2015

Bob Charley AO Tripe Club Victoria

Our Summer Luncheon was very well attended and the atomosphere vibrant, with a new chef and an engaging speaker...


Bob Charley AO has had a lifetime in racing as professional punter, bookmaker, owner-trainer, radio and television commenttor, author and administrator, and shared with to us of anecdotes from his involvement with racing. As a passionate member of The Banjo Club, Bob discussed the connection the great poet had with Australian raccing, and regaled guests with various pieces of 'Banjo' Paterson's poetry, a favourite is recalled below. He also shone insight into the process of putting together his latest book, the beautiful Heroes & Champions, before signing copies. To find out more about this delightful pictoral history of racing, or purchase copies, you can visit the website.


Diners also enjoyed the first offering from new RACV Club chef, Craig Dowling, formerly with the London Savoy and under Raymond Capaldi & Gary Mehigan at The Point Albert Park. His menu was fresh and entirely delicious - scroll down the page to view the menu and take a look at these dishes in our event photo gallery.


The 2013-14 Annual General Meeting was also held prior to the Luncheon - minutes can be viewed here.


View the photo gallery for our February Luncheon



The Uplift

AB 'Banjo' Paterson


When the drays are bogged and sinking, then it's no use sitting, thinking,

You must put the teams together and must double bank the pull.

When the crop is light and weedy, or the fleece is burred and seedy,

Then the next year's crop and fleeces may repay you to the full.


So it's lift her, Johnny, lift her,

Put your back in it and shift her,

While the jabber, jabber, jabber of the politicians flows.

If your nag's too poor to travel

Then get down and scratch the gravel

For you'll get there if you walk it - if you don't , you'll feed the crows.


Shall we waste our time debating with a grand young country waiting

For the plough and for the harrow and hte lucerne and the maise?

For it's work alone will save us in the land that fortune gave us

There's no crop but what we'll grow it; there's no stock but what we'll raise.


When the team is bogged and sinking, then it's no use sitting, thinking.

There's a roadway up the mountain that the old black leader knows:

So it's lift her, Johnny, lift her,

Put your back in it and shift her,

Take a lesson from the bullock - he goes slowly, but he goes!



The Menu



Chilled tripe and crispy pork salad with kipfler potato, caper berries & spiced lemon vinaigrette


Main Course

Red Porto-style honeycombe tripe & white bean stew


alternating with


Ox tripe in white onion sauce, creamy mash, green peas, saute bacon & parsley



Yarra Valley trio of cheese selection, fig jam, walnut bread & crackers


Freshly brewed coffee, tea & herbal infusions


Beverage List


Wolf Blass Bilyara Sparkling Brut

Seppelt Stony Peak Chardonnay

Seppelt Stony Peak Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet

Carlton Draught & Cascade Premium Light

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