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Tony Walker - Luncheon 26 November 2013

The international editor of the Australian Financial Review, Tony Walker is a former Middle East correspondent for the Financial Times. He has served as the AFT's political editor, and recently completed a long assignment as Washington correspondent. He is a dual Walkley Award winner for commentary and is the co-author of Arafat: The Biography, first published in 1990 by WH Allen. He received a Centenary of Federation Award for contributions to journalism in 2001 and is a recipient of the Paul Lyneham Award for Excellence in press gallery journalism in 2003.


In the course of 30 years as a foreign correspondent variously for the Financial Times, The Age, and the Australian Financial Review, Tony has interviewed many notable figures who have shaped the world of the 21st century. He has reported many historic events, and gained a first-hand feel for the ways of the world from his bases in Beijing, Cairo, Washington DC and elsewhere.



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