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Tripe Club Victoria
Tripe Club Victoria
Tripe Club Victoria

Tripe Club



Tripe Devotees enjoying delicious dishes from traditional onion & white sauce to the new wave of culinary creations.

Enjoy the best of Melbourne's networking, and outstanding speakers, and help us support a range of charities.

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Tripe Club Luncheon: Thursday 29th February 2024


presented by Dr Pradeep Philip



* * * 
Pradeep Philip.jpg

Dr Pradeep Philip is well credentialed to present on the big economic issues confronting Australia in 2024, having had a stellar career in public policy with a strong expertize in economics. 

Pradeep’s leadership experience spans the Federal and State Governments, as well as the private sector. For instance, he has had various roles as Director of Policy in the Prime Minister’s Office, Secretary of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Director-General of Premier and Cabinet in Queensland. As would be expected, Pradeep’s Phd (University of Queensland) is in economics.

Deloitte Access Economics continues the legacy of Access Economics, that was founded in 1988, in providing evidence-based analysis (both macroeconomic and microeconomic) that supports the formulation of  sound economic policies and promotes economic welfare. It has now become one of Australia’s pre-eminent public policy/economic think-tanks. As a result it delivers to Australian Governments and businesses both practical commercial advice and informed economic strategies.

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