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Past Events

Previous Speakers at the Tripe Club of Victoria

The Tripe Club of Victoria prides itself as a 'Luncheon Club' and over the decades, the Club's organisers: Michael Henry Winneke (Inaugural President); Bill Shelton (Immediate Past President); and John O'Brien (MC, and general factotum), have successfully obtained a broad and exciting range of well-known, entertaining, if not at times, controversial speakers.


Generally, the speakers have been drawn from the sporting, music and entertainment worlds, along with prominent business and professional personalities. Guest speakers are central to each scheduled 'club luncheon', held four times each year. These Club Luncheons are regularly held on the 17th Floor of the RACV City Club, Melbourne. The four club luncheon events are normally scheduled in the months of March, may, August and November of each year.


As a non-profit organisation, any profits made are normally gifted to charity, in particular, to charities nominated or associated with the guest speakers who have been invited to speak and who have agreed to speak at the Tripe Club of Victoria club luncheons. The number of Tripe Club members and their guests who attend the Club Luncheons is normally in excess of 200 and at full capacity is approximately 350.


Tim Wilson  -  Air Vice-Marshal Chris Spence AO - Fr Bob McGuire - Sam Kekovich  -  Charles Kovess  -  Hon Tim Fischer  -  Bill Robertson  -  Bernard Saundry  -  Gabriel Gate  -  Robert Walls  -  Bob Charley AO  -  Dr Susan Alberti AO  -   Tripe Club Celebration  -   Hon Simon Crean  -  Henry Plumptre  -  Prof Geoffrey Blainey  -  Hon Tim Fischer AC  -  Iain Findlay  -  Dr Allen Aylett  -  Greg Chappell  -  Ian Clover  -  John 'Jack' Elliott  -  Mike Brady  -  Malcolm Brown  -  Jim Buckley  -  Noel Bushnell  -  Tom Elliott  -  Bruce Green  -  Rod Fitzroy  -  Cathy Freeman  -  Rodney Hogg  -  Sam Kekovitch  -  David Johnson  -  Ralph Horowitz   -  Hon Jeff Kennett  -  John Konrads  -  Anthony Koutifidis  -  Daniel Kowalski  -  Colin McDonald  -   Simon O'Donnell  -  Roy Masters  -  Rod Nicholson -  Scott Palmer -  Prof David Parkin  -  Colin Phillips  -  Andrew Plympton  -  Tony Walker  -  Keith Potger  -  Neil Roberts  -  Mark Robinson  -  Andrew Rule  -  Mike Sheahan  -  Paul Sheahan  -  Malcolm Speed  -  Ian Stanley  -  Brent Thomson  -  Max Walker  -  James Winks

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