It all began in the 1980s...


Founded by a small but dedicated group of tripe-eaters and meeting ever since, the Tripe Club of Victoria looks forward to continuing their tradition with all the fun and conviviality of the past and hope many more tripe-eaters join us. Our speakers are world-class. Our Luncheons contribute to philanthropy. Join the Tripe table.


The Tripe Club of Victoria was established as a non-profit organisation and always confident in it's overall mandate for being a long-standing luncheon club, it has always focused on fellowship of shared international values associated with Western society's acceptance and enjoyment of tripe - that 'fifth quarter product', that intriguing variety food, which has been an integral part of the cuisines of not only Western culture, but also of the world as a whole.


The organisers seek to obtain and offer a broad and impressive range of well-known, entertaining, and occasionally controversial speakers. Generally these are drawn from the sporting, music, entertainment, business and professional sectors and speak at luncheons scheduled quarterly. The 17th floor of the RACV City Club in Melbourne provides a spectacular view in addition to the engaging program of speakers and, of course, a delicious platform for up to 350 guests to enjoy tripe.


As a non-profit organisation, any profits made are normally gifted to charity, in particular, charities nominated or associated with the guest speaker. To view previous speakers and charities, visit the Events Past page.

“Do not let the word tripe deter you. Let its soothing charms win you over and enjoy it as do those who always have!” 

 -   Fergus Henderson, Nose To Tail Eating  -



“We sell more tripe than anything else on the stall. But it is a tripe stall after all.”

-  Leanne Oakshott, The Tripe Stall  -


“The stomach carries the heart, and not the heart the stomach.”

-  Cervantes, Don Quixote  -

- Tripe Club of Victoria -

* * *