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2022 Tripe Club Luncheon Calendar

12.30pm Thursday 24 November 2022

It was a great delight, after nine months of medical dramas, to once again chair the last tripe club of Victoria meeting. This was held on the second floor of the RACV club in Bourke Street. 84 people were present and all enjoyed it which I know by the feedback I received on the day and, by the fact that no one seem to want to leave after its ending!


As usual, our executive chef, Craig, excelled himself with both an entrée and two mains choices of delicious tripe dishes. As usual, second and third helpings were offered. For those who enjoyed the club, the atmosphere and the friendship endemic to our society but who do not enjoy tripe there were non-tripe alternative dishes. Also, reportedly, delicious. Again we would like to thank the RACV city club for its huge support to us both financially and with the organisation. In particular I would like to thank Melissa and Michael for their huge help.


Our next meeting, Thursday, November 24th, at the RACV club will be the last for the year. We hope to have more members attending as Covid fades into history and the warmer weather approaches. As I said in my opening address, once we get to 120 attendees we can bring back the pre-luncheon drinks.


Our reputation enables us to attract excellent speakers and at our last meeting we all enjoyed the investment expert – Angie Ellis who gave us a most entertaining and informative 30 minutes on her own unique style of investment. She had her books for sale and I delighted to report that she sold out at the meeting. I was one of the purchasers and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through her sage advice.


In their November 24 meeting we will have Victor Perton as the after-dinner speaker. Victor is a man of many talents and who has had a wide variety of careers including law, politics and business. After Covid and various frightening world events Victor will be sharing his passion of – Optimism. I think this is guaranteed to send us all home with wine and tripe in our bellies and hope in our hearts. What a wonderful way to enter the Christmas period.


Once again I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Tripe Club committee for all their hard work whilst I was in hospital. I am indeed blessed as chairman.


Please bring yourselves and guests, (why not make up a table), to November 24 and help a successful club totally recover from the last dreadful two years.

Don't forget to invite friends and colleagues - non-tripe diners are always very welcome!

Please note there is a new booking process for the Luncheon - click through the link below to make your booking/s and payment. Note also there has been a small increase in price to $90 per person, which we believe still represents exceptional value for the quality and volume of food and wines, and the standard of service and venue.


2022 Tripe Club Luncheon Calendar

Thursday 24 November 2022 (including Annual General Meeting)

If you have suggestions for future guests or menus, please contact the committee.

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