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Tripe Club of Victoria Code of Conduct


The Tripe Club of Victoria strives to provide a friendly, safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees participating in its events conducted at the RACV City Club and other venues of choice.


In order to maintain a pleasant environment, all Members and their Guests must observe the below Tripe Club’s Code of Conduct and the RACV Club’s Etiquette Rules and refrain from the following:

  • Actions interfering or disrupting the ability of RACV staff to provide a safe, friendly environment in performing their duties.

  • Failure to follow RACV security directions

  • Being intoxicated. The RACV and The Tripe Club endorses and supports the responsible service of liquor and the Intoxication Guidelines under Section 3AB(2) of the Liquor Control Reform Act

  • Dealing or possession of illegal substances.

  • Use of offensive or abusive language

  • Harassment, intimidation or any behaviour that interferes with anyone’s ability to enjoy the venue

  • Any physical or verbal altercation with another person or RACV staff member

  • Causing physical damage to anyone’s personal property

  • Theft of property


This should not be seen to be a complete list, but rather is representative of the types of behaviour that are deemed to be unacceptable.


The Tripe Club of Victoria is committed to ensuring that all Members and Guests follow the Code of Conduct so that nothing interferes or disrupts the provision of a safe and friendly environment for Members and their Guests during the provision of event activities. Please note also that Division 2, Disciplinary action, Page 8, Rules 19 to 24 of the Constitution applies. Members are responsible for the behaviour of their Guests, when introduced to the Club and events. When incidents occur which infringe the Code of Conduct, security may request that the offending party leave the venue. If necessary, in the event that an individual fails to follow RACV staff direction, police will be contacted for assistance.


The Tripe Club of Victoria Inc.



RACV  CLUB Members obligations under the RACV Club Bylaws


By-Law 5.10    Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited in Club Premises:

  • Drunken or disorderly conduct;

  • Gambling games of hazard and betting of any description except as permitted pursuant to the Liquor Control Reform Act;

  • Use of bad language or behaviour unbecoming a Member;

  • Smoking; or

  • Use of a drug of dependence as defined by the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act.


By-Law 6.5 (c)   Regulation of entry of guests

c) Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests in Club Premises including any expenses incurred or any damage caused by them.

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